The main copier (located in the main workroom or office of each school) should be added automatically to your computer and school issued laptop.

If you need to add another printer, follow the steps below:

To add a printer:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard OR click on the Windows icon on the bottom left hand corner of your device’s screen
  • Type: \\wssd-printsvr
  • A window will pop up with printers listed
  • Find the name of the printer you’d like to add and double click the icon
  • Printers are names in the following scheme: SCHOOL INITIALS + ROOM NUMBER + P or COPIER (i.e. HS101P or MS202COPIER)
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT to add a printer in any other fashion, such as Add a Device/Printer

If you are unable to print, your job release automatically without you releasing it, or you experience any other printing issues, please email a ticket to